How Long Does Food Poisoning Last? (Symptoms & Treatment)!

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Types of Food Poisoning

Symptoms & Duration

Clostridium Perfringens
(Associated Foods:Meat and Poultry)
Stomach Cramps & Diarrhoea
(Duration:8 to 22 hours)
(Associated Foods:Unpasteurised milk, , Contaminated Water,
Raw Poultry and Meat, )
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Abdominal,Fever and Diarrhoea
(Duration:2 to 7 days)
(Associated Foods:Shellfish of Fish from Contaminated Water)
Watery Diarrhoea , Vomiting and Nausea ,
Cramps, Dehydration & Fever,
(Duration:Few hours to 5 days )
(Associated Foods: Fruit and Vegetables, Uncooked Food)
Weight Loss, Vomiting, Fever, Stomach
Cramps, Nausea & Diarrhoea
(Duration:2 to 10 days)
Giardia infection
(Associated Foods: Fruit and Vegetables, Uncooked Food)
Watery Diarrhoea, Nausea, Bloating, Stomach
Cramps, Fatigue, And Loss Of Appetite
(Duration:7 to 10 days)
Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome
(Associated Foods:unpasteurised milk, Undercooked beef,
contaminated water & sprouts)
Abdominal,Fever and Diarrhoea
(Duration:2 to 8 days)
Hepatitis A
(Associated Foods:Shellfish of Fish from Contaminated Water
& Contaminated Food)
Abdominal Pain, . Tiredness, Fever & jaundice
(Duration:15 to 50 days)
Listeria Infection
(Associated Foods:luncheon meats, hot dogs, cheeses
and unpasteurized milk)
Headaches And Pains. Fever, May Cause
Miscarriage And Stillbirth
(Duration:2 days to 3 months)
Norovirus Infection
(Associated Foods:Person To Person. Contaminated
Food Or Drinks)
Stomach Cramps, Headache, Nausea, Low Grade Fever,
Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Chills, Muscle Aches.
(Duration:1 to 2 days)
(Associated Foods:Raw Or Contaminated Meat, Poultry,
Milk Or Egg Yolks)
Abdominal Pain, , Diarrhoea, NauseaFever, Vomiting And
(Duration:8 hours to 7 days )
(Associated Foods:Person To Person. Contaminated
Food Or Drinks)
Diarrhoea ( Mucus And/Or Blood), Fever, Stomach Cramps,
Nausea And Vomiting,
(Duration:1 to 7 days)
Staphylococcus aureus
(Associated Foods:Meats And Prepared Salads, Cream
Sauces, And Cream-Filled Pastries)
Stomach Cramps, Diarrhoea , Nausea &Vomiting,
(Duration:1 to 6 hours)
Vibrio parahaemolyticus
(Associated Foods:Undercooked Fish And Shellfish)
Stomach Pain ,Diarrhoea, Nausea and Vomiting
(Duration:4 to 30 hours)

How Foods Become Contaminated

High Risk Foods that Cause Food Poisoning

> Half cook foods have great chance of getting contaminated
> Foods can contaminated by touch of Gastro Patient
> From Contact with Pets, Flies
> Foods that Stored at Unsafe Temperatures
> Dairy Products (Cheese, Milk, Cream)
> Raw Meat Products
> Fish and Shellfish
> Duck, Chicken and Other Poultry
> Unpasteurized Goats or Cow Milk
> Eggs and Egg Products
> Gravies

Foods that Could Become Toxic by Reheated

Food Poisoning Symptoms

> Mushrooms
> Eggs
> Potatoes
> Rice
> Chicken
> Nausea
> Vomiting
> Stomach pains
> Diarrhoea
> Feeling Weak
> Fever or Sweating/Chills
> Headache

How Bacteria Grow and Multiply

Common Types of Food Poisoning Bacteria

In ideal temperature between 5°C and 60°C Bacteria gets
double in every 20 minutes. food poisoning germs are killed
at 60°C plus and below Below 5°C they are alive but dont
increase their numbers. like
Start 100 , 20 minutes 200, 40 minutes 400,
1 hour 800, 1 hour 20 minutes 1600, 1 hour 40
minutes 3200, 2 hours 6400, 2 hours 20 minutes 12800,
2 hours 40 minutes 25600, and so on
> Staphylococcus : found on the skin, infected eyes , in sores
and in the nose, saliva , throat and bowel of humans
> Salmonella : found mainly in the bowels , intestines and
faeces of humans and animals
> Clostridium : found in the intestines of animals and in the soil
> Campylobacter : found in many animals including cats, cattle ,
dogs and poultry

Food Handling Rules

Do when Suspect you have Food Poisoning

> Wash Hands After the Toilet
> Cover the Face With a Tissue When Sneezing or Coughing
> if you are diarrhoea patient Avoid preparing food for others
> Keep other Foods Away From Raw High Risk Foods
> Dispose the rubbish regularly
> To Avoid Dehydration Drink Plenty of Water .Dangerous for
Elderly and the Babies .
> Until you are Symptom Free for 48 Hours dont Prepare or Handle
Food for others .
> Wash your Hands with Warm Water and Soap, If you must Handle
Food. .
> Notify your Employer If you Work in Food Handling.Until you are
Symptom Free for 48 Hours.
> if you Suspect Food Poisoning! See a Doctor.

Whether an infant or someone on their death bed, all those who fall in between are capable of having food poisoning and a question we all ask ourselves when suffering from it is how long does food poisoning last ?.

To evaluate how long food poisoning lasts. we must know what food poisoning is and how is it different from stomach flu. When your stomach feels uneasy and you feel you have to use the restroom frequently. we must not avoid that as that could be food poisoning. As scary as the name suggests, this is something that everyone has to face when eating out or otherwise.

Foodborne illness or commonly known as food poisoning is an illness caused by mainly eating contaminated food and beverages. The infection is carried through bacteria, parasites and viruses along with other basic toxins which we are not even aware of the damage they cause.

How Long Does Food Poisoning Last

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The contamination of food or beverage is possible at any stage, could be during the preparation or when it is being served or as far behind as when the produce was grown.

There are several different kinds of food poisonings. Each varying in intensity and what causes it. Usually the signs of food poisoning start showing within the very few hours of consuming the contaminated food. Our body acting out in the form of diarrhea, nausea or vomiting.

How Long Does Food Poisoning Last – And, Food Poisoning Types?


To determine the causes of food poisoning and how long does food poisoning last. We must understand that the contamination of food can be done at any point of the process. This takes place mostly in raw food like salads, ready to eats which have a lot of preservatives present in them. Different bacteria’s cause different types of food poisoning.



The foods mentioned have been found to be a source of food poisoning. However it is not determined unsafe for human consumption or considered unhealthy. There are certain foods that are commonly associated with food poisoning which include eggs, meats, poultry, cheese, milk, vegetables, fruits, spices and nuts.

As you might have seen that there is nearly everything included in the foods causing food poisoning. it is true that nearly all foods can result in food poisoning if proper health safe foods aren’t consumed. Again, these foods aren’t unhealthy but if gets contaminated with bacteria which result into food poisoning.

The Basic Food Poisoning Symptoms.

Relatively common type of disease food poisoning may lead to serious conditions. How long does food poisoning last? depend upon the source of disease caused by.

In most cases food poisoning cause by virus and bacteria in the food.   Food Poisoning Symptoms cause by bacteria and other organisms appear within an hour after taking the food. Remember you should gave faster attention as faster symptoms appear.

Depending on source common type of food poisoning symptoms are Headache, Fever, Diarrhea, Vomiting and Nausea.

How long does food poisoning last

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When food poisoning symptoms occur within hour it mean you got food poisoning from toxin food like mold or mashrums. In this condition the symptoms will be Diarrhea, Sweating, Vomiting, Dizziness and Irritation of throat or lungs.

A type of food poisoning called Botulism which rare but consider the most dangerous food poisoning. Symptoms of botulism including  Difficulty speaking, Blurred vision, Dry mouth, Difficulty swallowing and Muscle weakness.

It is also found that the symptoms vary from person to person. Some may feel severe stomach cramps, loss of appetite, aching muscles and lack of energy. Sudden fever and chills have also been reported on numerous occasions. However we must be able to differentiate Food Poisoning VS Stomach Flu to estimate how long does food poisoning last .

Food Poisoning VS Stomach Flu.

To differentiate between food poisoning and stomach flu. We must at first notice if there is any abdominal pain. This is so because stomach flu give mild pain in the abdominal area, whereas food poisoning causes sharp pains. Flu usually grows on a person over a few days, whereas food poisoning can happen at any time in a sudden manner.

Diarrhea and vomiting is severe as compared to stomach flu. Our body is designed to get rid of anything that disrupts the basic functioning and tries to get rid of it as soon as possible. Another very common way to identify is to check if the people around you are falling ill at the same then that is good poisoning. Rather than it fading off one person and the other one catches it like stomach flu.

So coming back to our question how long does food poisoning last. Hold great importance as the stronger viruses and illness tend to stay longer than the milder ones which usually last 24 hours.

How to Treat the Food Poisoning ?

To answer our root question, how long does food poisoning last. We must take up the following steps to treat food poisoning which will determine how long it will take.

REST- our body feels woozy and we feel the urge to vomit. The best thing to do at this point would be to give our body and stomach a rest.  We should avoid any of the mentioned products; caffeine, dairy produce, spicy food, nicotine or anything that contains alcohol.

However it is advised not to skip meals as our body is already very weak thus we should opt for bland foods for a few days.


 The person suffering from food poisoning will have severe diarrhea. Which results in a loss of fluids from the body which can cause dehydration which can be fatal. The body loses electrolysis and fluids at a very fast rate so it is advised to consume healthy energy drinks. Similar to Pedialyte and Gatorade to fulfill the bodily fluids.

Depending on the severity, the person suffering from food poisoning might have to resort to IV fluids in the hospital to avoid getting dehydrated.


Yet again depending on the severity and how the body is reacting, doctors prescribe antibiotics to help the body combat the illness. For example, listeria poisoning has been reported to act well with antibiotics. For the milder food poisoning antibiotics are not prescribed.

If you are trying to control food poisoning on your own at home then keep in mind the following things:


Try not to consume any solid foods until the vomits end. Go for light food like salty crackers, bread, rice or bananas. Keep sipping liquid and don’t go for greasy, spicy, or fried food. Don’t take any medicines without consulting a doctor.

Since they can make your diarrhea worse in certain circumstances.


The best thing to do as soon as you feel you have food poisoning is to increase your intake of clear liquids. Go for fluids in smaller sips and then increase it gradually. If the diarrhea or vomiting lasts more than a day, then take some oral dehydration solution.


If you aren’t sure of  how long does food poisoning last for you and it is more than three days while having belly pain, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, dehydration, fatigue etc. Then you must call your doctor and get some proper medication.

Even though many patients get better without consulting a doctor, a general physician can normally treat the common kinds of food poisoning. However, for much serious kinds there can be a need for a team of doctors that may include specialists in infectious diseases.

How Long is Food Poisoning Contagious?

There are so many types of food poisoning that are Contagious. Individuals that got food poisoning disease from contaminated food caused by virus, bacteria or parasites can pass the infection to anyone else.

Most common types of food poisoning that are contagious until symptoms are disappear  are E. coli, salmonella, and norovirus.

Food poisoning that caused by food that are spoiled by keeping in room temperature for long time is not contagious.  But  individuals dont have idea which type of food poisoning they faces . they should be cautious.

How Long does Food Poisoning Last – How You Can Prevent It?

Numerous steps can be taken to ensure that the food we consume is healthy and safe. We must control what is under our control, we should always prepare food properly. That includes cleaning them properly and thoroughly, storing them properly and ensuring we don’t let anything else contaminate it.

A big contributor to food poisoning is left over food. We tend to store them in a manner than it gets contaminated in the fridge or storage. We must consider self-hygiene and to clean countertops while cooking.

For things that are not in our control like eating out. We should take the following things into consideration, to ensure the meat is properly cooked and to not consume anything that looks unusual. Bacteria is transmitted the most from dirty plates and silverware.

Food Poisoning Prevention:

You can prevent food poisoning by keeping in mind the following things while preparing, storing and eating food.

  • Clean: Before you prepare or eat food always wash your hands. Also, the surfaces you use for making food should be cleaned often. Germs have the tendency to survive in numerous places surrounding your kitchen, chopping boards, utensils and your hands.
    Try to clean your vegetables and fruits under running water and never neglect any food safety rules.
  • Cook: Try cooking to the right temperature. Many people claim that they can tell when the food is ready by simply seeing its texture and color. There is simply no way to be positive that it is safe without following some simple but important steps.
    Always use a food thermometer to make sure that your food is cooked to a safe internal temperature i.e. 62.77 C or 145 F for whole meats (letting the meat to rest for at least 3 minutes before consuming). 71.11 C or 160 F for ground meats, and 73.89 C or 165 F for all kind of poultry.
  • Chill: Your refrigerator should have a temperature below 4.44 C or 40 F and try refrigerating food properly. Germs have the tendency to grow in foods as quickly as in just 2 hours unless you put them in refrigerator. During hot weather, this time cuts down to even 1 hour.

Food Poisoning While Pregnant.

Food poisoning is unpleasant experience for every individual. It is not unusual that you get food poisoning during pregnancy. In case of food poisoning while pregnant you are more worried regarding safety of your baby.

In most cases when you get food poisoning  your baby is fine. While It can be dangerous to get food poisoning while pregnant . Which could be cause of premature delivery , miscarriage and stillbirth. Better to consult with doctor.

Your prime mission during pregnancy is to grow up your baby . Therefore pregnant moms should be careful about what they eating and how the prepare .

Including common symptoms of food poisoning symptoms during pregnancy are.

  • Bloody Stool
  • Fever
  • Discomfort
  • Headache
  • Dehydration

It would be difficult to that vomiting and nausea are normal. If you feel uncomfortable better to visit the doctor.

The biggest risk from food poisoning is dehydration. Dehydration is the most common complication in most of food poisoning cases. As your baby in primarily compromise of water ,try to keep water intake continuous. Better to consult with doctor in case of dehydration. Some time dehydration need to be hospitalize.

Listeria Symptoms During Pregnancy.

Listeria can create issues for you and your unborn baby. Good news is listeria are rare in pregnant women but pregnant women have more chance to get listeria then non-pregnant.

Listeria Symptoms During Pregnancy show after  2 to 30 days. Symptoms of listeria include muscle aches, headaches, fever, flu-like symptoms, vomiting and nausea.

Infection could be occur any time but most common time frame is the third trimester.

So, Food Poisoning is Serious For Your Health? – How Long does Food Poisoning Last ?

As mentioned above, the severity of the food poisoning helps evaluate how long food poisoning last. if it is serious and needs medical attention.  On several occasions it has proven to be serious, as it leads to dehydration.

Listeria bacteria have proven to be extremely dangerous for the unborn babies of pregnant women. Even though the infection is very mild on the mother it can cause premature labor, stillbirth, and miscarriage and hinder the development of the baby.

There are certain long-term effects connected to food poisoning. Which doesn’t happen to every food poisoning patient. Most of the people recover without any long lasting effect while for some food poisoning can be really devastating or even deadly.

So to understand how long does food poisoning last. We must know the kind of bacteria we have been infected with along with its severity. The duration can only be predicted by the doctor and nobody can give an exact time frame in which this illness will go away. This is because there are numerous kinds of food poisoning. For everyone the immune system responds in its own time and hence some recover early while some take more time.

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