How To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning (Stomach Pains, What To Drink & Remedies)

Food poisoning is a worst ever  condition which can begin anytime (usually an hour or few weeks) after consuming contaminated foods. Usually it got recovery after few days on its own. But elders, Infants and pregnant women should be careful in order How To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning due to their conditions and immune system which is more risky to food poisoning as compare to other .

As discussed above depending on types and your condition food poisoning recover by its own but it is necessary to know about how to cure food poisoning fast in order to start your easy life again.

How To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning Fast / How To Cure Food Poisoning Fast

The 1st in order to get rid of  food poisoning is to figure out  the reason behind your condition. Which might be when you try something new or a friend of you shared something with you or food that taste lil bit change. In addition the understand the symptoms of food poisoning you have like vomiting or diarrhea which may help you whether you should consult to doctor in worst cases or it is mild case which will recover by its own or some self made practices.

Call the doctor if your are facing one or all of these condition.

  • If food poisoning from mushrooms or fish
  • Patient of disease is infant, elder or pregnant women
  • If patient faces dizziness or fainting, trouble breathing  or vomiting blood

The 1st practice you should do in order how to get rid of food poisoning is intake plenty of fluids. Which helps your body to clean from toxins you injected and maintain the level of fluids you lost while vomiting or diarrhea. If your fluids lost is unable to stop you should consult to doctor.

in case you feel hungry you can go for brat food like banana, applesauce, rice and toast which will help your stomach calm . Remember dont eat too much at any case.

Try home remedies listed below will help to cure food poisoning fast and easy.

What To Drink When You Have Food Poisoning

Drink plenty of water.  While having food poisoning the main concern in dehydration. Because of vomiting and diarrhea we lost much fluid to recover that lost we need to concentrate on drinking water and other fluids.

you can try other fluids too like Pedialyte easily available is good for any age. Adults can also take sports drinks.

remember stay away from caffeine and alcohol which may cause you to urinate more. Which can lead you to dehydration.

Basil oil in water or basil juice is also helpful  to decrease dehydration. Cumen seeds brewed or straight both may help you.

we hope that will be enough to clear the confusion about What To Drink When You Have Food Poisoning.

How To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning Stomach Pains

The following remedies might be helpful in order to get rid of food poisoning stomach pains or stomach upsets.

  • Boil half cup of rice in 6 cups of water for 20 min. After boiling remove the rice and put some honey or sugar for taste and drink it warm. This help you to ease your stomach worst condition.
  • Crunch or chew some fennel seeds will support your digestive system.
  • Take a small bites of caraway seeds if you feel gassy . which slow the growth of bacteria cause indigestion.
  • Try to place heating pad or hot water bottle on your upset stomach it will gave you great relief .

If you are facing worst condition it is always recommended to consult with doctor in order How To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning Stomach Pains.

How To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning At Home

When we suffering from some worst condition our 1st priority is to get rid at home. In order how to get rid of food poisoning at home below are some home remedies by which you can ease your condition.

  1. The most popular remedy apple cider vinegar you can take two table spoons straight or can mix in a cup of hot water and drink it before any solid food.
  2. Honey contain antibacterial properties and can help in stomach acids.
  3. Ginger are found helpful in stomach pains. You can use in water or juice of ginger  with honey
  4. During nausea use cold wet cloth for burning eye.
  5. 3 tea spoons lemon juice and some sugar. And use it 2 3 time a day to treat food poisoning.
  6. Bananas are easy to digest . Try to use shake of banana during day .
  7. 1 garlic with fresh water or juice of garlic can help  you to get rid of food poisoning.

Read our other articles about food poisoning symptoms, treatment  causes to know about food poisoning and how to get rid of food poisoning.

Food Poisoning From Shrimp (Symptoms, Causes And Treatment With Home Remedy )

We know Shrimp is very famous and flavorful dish, but eating contaminated shrimp causes one the most common disease called Food Poisoning From Shrimp. It is due to Infectious organisms that are carried out by shellfish. Shrimp are usually infected with virus, bacteria and  parasites. Bacteria known as V. Cholerae is found in shrimp which causes food poisoning. In case of Food Poisoning From Shrimp your digestive system are inflame for 1 to 10 days depending your digestive system health and toxins .

Including diarrhea and vomiting other symptoms of Food Poisoning From Shrimp are discussed below.

Food Poisoning From Shrimp Symptoms

After eating contaminated foods Symptoms of shrimp food poisoning is staring appear after 30 min to several days. Food poisoning from shrimp is different from person to person depending how much your insensitive for toxins. But it includes

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Difficulty In Swallowing Or Talking
  • Slow Reflexes Or Rectal Burning
  • Stomach Pain
  • Cramping
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Low-Grade Fever
  • Tremor Or A Numb Sensation In The Lips, Legs, Tongue Or Arms.
  • Blood In The Stool
  • Problems With Your Sight (Blurred Vision Or Double Vision)

Initial symptoms appear with in few hours after eating contaminated shrimps. You will be agree with us that instead of understanding symptoms of Food poisoning from shrimp try to know about the causes in order to avoid it before it hit you .

Food Poisoning from Shrimp Causes

Studies shows it there are more then 75 million people (most of them are from US) are suffer from food poisoning disease and eating contaminated shellfish is one of the main reason behind this disease.  Shrimp is a type of shellfish and one of the common reason of food poisoning  are used in many recipes in order to avoid food poisoning from shrimp it is important to know about the signs spoiled shrimp which make your aware how to prepare healthy foods.

Some common type of the causes and tips which can help you to avoid food poisoning from shellfish are

  • While travelling abroad specially to developed countries as there are many type of species of shellfish are offer as a dish which include toxins and proteins can lead you to food poisoning.
  • Try to smell the shrimp before purchasing , but it is difficult to smell it with in packages, try to buy it from over the counter market . Slightly salty (like sea water )smell is sign of fresh shrimp, be careful with smell like ammonia because it is the sign of bacteria growth in shrimp which may lead you to food poisoning.
  • Another sign of fresh shrimp is they are still attached to their clean and clear shell, if there are black spot on the shell or if shrimp are loose in the shell, shrimp should be considered as spoiled.
  • Raw shrimp should be slightly transparent and white, if its cooked they should be pink.
  • If the shells appears gritty or yellow , this is the sign of chemicals are used to keep shrimp fresh. Avoid to purchase these shrimp.
  • Another sign of fresh shrimp is their eyes should be shiny and prominent, if they are look like dried and shrunken it will be better to ignore those shrimp.
  • The expiry date is important dont eat of cook any shrimp after date is passed.
  • Dont used tinned or pack shrimp that have no expiry date.
  • Dont keep shrimp near to other cooked or raw foods.
  • Shrimp should not be kept open in room temperature for long time.
  • Try to follow food poisoning handling roles in case of shrimp too.

Risks Of Food Poisoning From Shrimp

Typically food poisoning is recover by it self. However Medical science make groups of individuals who are at great risk from food poisoning. Which are

  • Elder age people who have weaker immune system.
  • Infants whos immune system are underdevelopment can infected by food poisoning which can lead them to hard conditions.
  • Pregnant women whos bodies are try to make an another human body can have great risk for food poisoning
  • Medical conditions like kidney diseases , cancer etc patients have great risk to get food poisoning.

Hence If you are in any of these group try to consult with your doctor as soon as possible . They  suggest you better treatment for food poisoning.

Food Poisoning From Shrimp Treatment

Before going in details about the remedies or treatment (may work or not) people using  we want to suggest you a  magic remedy which start work with in 25 min. It is advisable for not only food poisoning from shrimp but you can you use it for other types of food poisoning too.

Squeeze about 4 lemons and add some sugar to sweeten the lemon juice (remember do not add water or any other thing) it will show effect withing 25 mins as lemon juice kill all bacteria you consume.

In addition of home remedy Other ways of treatment for food poisoning  are.

  • Used Of Fluids To Prevent Dehydration
  • Eat A Bland Diet
  • A Traditional Remedy Apple Cider Vinegar (2 Tsp/ Cup Warm Water Several Times A Day)

In conclusion This is all about food poisoning from shrimp, if you want to know more about different type  food poisoning our blogs other materials can help .  Be healthy and be happy.

Food Poisoning Lawsuit , How to File a Legal Claim

There are people who prepare food for others and those who prepare food for commercial basis, it’s their duty to make sure that the food which is served must be acceptable in both ways i.e. nutritionally as well as human consumption. The food which is defected and contaminated in every perspective, for example, the food contains glass or metal particles, vermin or the food is poisoned or it’s not properly stored is very much dangerous for human health and for anyone who consumes it.  There are some cases when you cannot identify that the food is tainted due the above-mentioned factors or it has become contaminated due to other natural factors. before filling Food Poisoning Lawsuit, you would need to get the food reviewed by a professional so that you can get to the root cause of the problem.

To take certain precautions and frequent cases like these would result in legal liability for those who are suffering from food poisoning. Include payment of medical expenses, loss of income and other future medical bills which would be associated with this illness. The victims of food poisoning do not have to prove much to the person who has provided them with the contaminated food. If any employee should have known about this problem. And he/she did not stop the activity of serving the defective food. Then this information would be very much helpful for the food poisoning lawsuit filling.

When and Where to File Food Poisoning Lawsuit?

If you have become sick from eating the food. Which came from a restaurant or a packaged food manufacturer you would need to make some ground for filing a lawsuit. For example, if you have experienced some intestinal or stomach problems which lead to dehydration or diarrhea. But for this, you would not be able to file a viable claim. If you still go to file a claim then you would not get the best benefit of outweighing regarding costs. Most of the attorneys would not feel comfortable to prosecute your case.

The majority of the cases concerning to Food Poisoning Lawsuit resolve on their own. Which means that without any medical involvement. Usually, these types of cases are pursued and are claimed in the small courts. So that these cases seek minimum damage.  If you are severely ill and get caught prey of food poisoning. Which has also been very much difficult for you to carry on with your job and you lose income. And had to pay for heavy medical bills then you must file a Food Poisoning Lawsuit against the caterer or restaurant.  Which had served you the contaminated food. This way you would have a full proof ground of your case. Then your case would be entertained as a serious claim.

 If You Suspected ? What and How to do  Food Poisoning Lawsuit

If you have suspected a food poisoning case then you would need to file a case. Against the restaurant or the packaged food manufacturer of which you ate the food and got prey of food poisoning. You need to be very much sure before Food Poisoning Lawsuit about the fact that the food was contaminated. And you must also know that you should have proof regarding the producer of the food you ate which was expired or contaminated. Which lead to you to this serious illness of food poisoning.

Home Remedies for Food Poisoning (Easy and Worst Condition)

It is not always necessary to visit a doctor for the treatment of food poisoning, it can be cured by home remedies for food poisoning as well. In its early stages, it can be diagnosed by the symptoms and abdominal cramps. You can control the poisoning by following a few tips.

Home Remedies for Food Poisoning

Home Remedies for Food Poisoning are listed below try to follow if condition is worst it always suggested to consult with doctor.

Cara Faus (CC BY 2.0)

1  If you feel burning in your stomach, then sip on cold water or suck ice. This will help to ease the burning sensation in your stomach. It will also help in resolving the inflammation caused by food poisoning. Sipping on water will help in preventing food poisoning.

2  If you feel that you have food poisoning then stop eating solids. Your stomach is already weak from all the poisoning, it will not be able to digest hard food. Try eating soft foods like soups and mild juices. Do not drink juices from a box, try making fresh juices at home.

3 Try not moving your stomach too much. Avoid exercising while you are sick. It can eat up your energy more. Make your body weaker and fatigued.

4 The best home remedy is to rest. Food poisoning can get you all exhausted and drained of energy. So sleep and complete your rest. Re-energize your body so that it can fight off the bad bacteria.

Home Remedies for Food Poisoning for Severe Condition

Cleanliness is the key to food poisoning prevention. If your house is free of bacteria and your immune system is strong enough to fight off the weak germs, then you don’t need to worry. But if you ate something which caused the poisoning and it got severe, then you can follow Home Remedies for Food Poisoning to get rid of it and save some money.

  1. Drink lemon water. Add lemon juice in warm water to get rid of some of the symptoms. Lemon is known to heal any digestive system problems. Do not worry about the acidity, only add a few drops of lemon to save yourself from acidity.
  2. Honey can be used as another remedy. It is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Add a spoon of honey in your milk tea or green tea and sip on it slowly. The abdominal cramps will slowly go away.
  3. Garlic, like honey, is known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It can heal all digestive system problems. It can heal the problem of severe diarrhea. Try to swallow a garlic clove with water or make garlic tea by boiling garlic in water. And sip on it.
  4. Cold bananas can sooth your inflamed stomach. So chew on two or more bananas. It will also strengthen your body in fighting the bacteria which caused food poisoning.
  5. Cold yogurt is well known to cure the problems relating to digestive system. Just eat yogurt in the morning and get rid of food poisoning.
  6. Ginger tea is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. So boil some ginger in water and sip on it to make your tummy strong.

These are some of the home remedies for food poisoning. Follow these remedies and you will surely feel better.

Treating Food Poisoning Tips You Must Know

Let’s just say that you ate an undercooked steak last night, or had some deviled eggs that were placed on an outdoor table for quite a long time and you thought someone had to eat them, so you did. Now, you are sitting on your couch putting your hand on your stomach and going to the bathroom every five minutes. You are paying the price now. However, you never know whether you are really suffering from food poisoning or not. Following are some ways how to look for the signs and indications of food poisoning and the Treating Food Poisoning.

Causes of Food Poisoning ( Treating Food Poisoning )

Image By Michael Stern (CC BY 2.0)

Food poisoning cases are really coming up, the technical word for your problem is mostly gastroenteritis – it is some sort of stomach or intestines irritation. It is mostly because of bacteria (such as Salmonella. E. coli, or Campylobacter) or some sort of virus (like norovirus). However, the major reason for food poisoning is because of the bacteria that is present in the food.

In this case of food poisoning, you got bacteria from something you ate, but it is possible that you can also get food poisoning by coming in contact with somebody who already has gastroenteritis. Washing your hands when coming from the bathroom. (You will sometimes hear it referred to as “stomach flu”. But it has nothing to do with the influenza virus.

Indications of Food Poisoning ( Treating Food Poisoning )

The indications of food poisoning can start from very low (like from the stomach) from something worse (fever and continuous diarrhea). It depends on upon the bug that you are suffering from, the indications start in as little as 8 hours, but it is not sure that you will be sick soon, it will take 2 weeks to happen. Following you might have:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Low fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Cramps

How to Take Care of Food Poisoning? ( Treating Food Poisoning )

Keep in mind that don’t start to use any kind of meds or drugs while Treating Food Poisoning without the permission of the doctor. Your body is looking to expel the germs that are making you sick, and you should not create any hindrance in the natural healing procedure.

Make sure that you are keeping yourself hydrated. You need to do some work yourself, you will have to replenish the fluids you’re losing, just to avoid dehydration. Keep sipping electrolyte-rich liquids, including Gatorade, broth, or coconut water. If you are keeping down fluids, slowly go for easy in digestion food, like the classic BRAT food including bananas, toast, rice and applesauce.

If you are a healthy person with a good immune system, most spells of gastroenteritis will pass on their own after a couple of tough days. Normally, there is nothing you can do to speed up Treating Food Poisoning. Everything will normally work out on their own, you just need to take good care of the person who is suffering from food poisoning. Food poisoning is not something to be scared of.

What Causes Foodborne illness – A Lethal Sickness

Food Poisoning is primarily a bacterial disease which can be both, food or water borne. Unhygienic storage and improper cooking of food, and contamination of water are factors What Causes Foodborne illness. The incubation period of the disease causing bacteria in one to two days on average. Even though this illness is caused by different types of bacteria, it cannot be curbed by the use of antibiotics. The sufferer will keep on experiencing unpleasant symptoms till the time that the body naturally fights and incapacitates the causal organisms. The immune system of the body, is however, very responsive to the causative bacteria.

The sight of attack for these bacteria is the intestinal lining, which tries to pull water into the gut to quickly sluice the toxins and pathogens out of the body. The excessive absorption of water results in what we call the symptoms of food poisoning – diarrhea and vomiting.

Symptoms (What Causes Foodborne illness)

Often, it is not the symptoms which cause for the doctors to deem food poisoning as a catastrophic illness, but it is the dehydration which occurs as a side effect. Since all our body cells require water to function optimally, the loss of water hinders the maintenance of the normal body temperature and fluidity of blood. In addition, the dehydration can lead to nausea, dry mouth, stomach cramps, fever, headaches, lack of urine, lack of REM sleep, and dizziness. If not treated properly, dehydration can become more severe and lead to seizure, delirium, and decreased blood pressure causing strokes.

Treatment Tips (What Causes Foodborne illness)

It is imperative that the sufferers take in ample amounts of fluids and oral rehydration solutions in order to replace the moisture that they lose. The ORS therapy is particularly useful in the treatment of food poisoning for provides the sufferer with a sufficient supply of mineral salts and glucose, which in turn the restore the ionic balances of the cells.

During the adolescent years, food poisoning can be immensely cataclysmic. Because a considerable fraction of fluids is lost owing to the smaller body size. It is recommended that children afflicted with this disease should be intently and carefully monitored. In older people, the damage of the illness takes a few days’ time. During which a physician can be consulted and the worsening of food poisoning prevented.

Every now and then, we hear of people dining at expensive brasseries and falling prey to food poisoning. It should be noted that it is the responsibility of eatery to ensure that ingredients are hygienically stored and cooked. It is their responsibility to ensure that their utensils and cutlery is clean and sanitized What Causes Foodborne illness . If you every come across a place where the required hygiene standards are not met. You should immediately notify the concerned authorities. Similarly, if you see anybody near you becoming a victim of food poisoning after eating at restaurant. Contact a lawyer who is well versed in the field and get your case gauged.

A short description about What Causes Foodborne illness. For more information about foodborne illness like food poisoning be in touch with our updates.

Food Poisoning in Kids? (Basic Tips How to Avoid )!

Unlike flu, where the symptoms start to appear gradually, food poisoning happens all of a sudden and all at once.  Food poisoning is when we consume contaminated food and beverages which allows toxins to enter our body. Contamination of the food can happen at any point of the preparation process. Hence we must ensure that hygiene measure are taken under consideration to avoid any problems. Food poisoning in kids is very common as they do not consider proper hygiene and consume any food.  If your child is infected you must ensure that they are taking proper hydrating fluids. To avoid weakening their immune system any further.

The basic symptoms that start to appear are vomiting and diarrhea. Which can be treated if left alone or if taken basic over the counter medicines. As this infection allows germs to enter our body. People with the weakest immune systems are most vulnerable to it like children, expecting mothers and the elderly.

Food Poisoning in Kids Causes

The consumption of contaminated food and beverages cause good poisoning. Which is usually carried in foods like poultry, eggs, meat, vegetables, seafood, raw food items and dairy products. It is usually when contaminated water was used for vegetable growing or the animals. If the produce had any contact with human or animal feces. The meat can get infected during the processing and shipping or if stored under wrong temperatures. Apart from the food being infected, the handlers must also carry out proper hygienic conditions. Ensure there is no cross contamination nor any germs are being transmitted from the handler to the food.

Food Poisoning in Kids Signs

Basic signs start to appear within very first few hours after consumption and can last for up to a week. The common symptoms are nausea, abdominal pains, headache, diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Very rarely, patients experience dizzy and blurred vision.  Even though the name suggests that food poisoning could be dangerous, it is not the case always.

Food Poisoning in Kids Medical Assistance

As most of the cases can be treated at home with proper care. If the symptoms start to become unbearable or the pain becomes severe. It is advised that they should immediately seek medical attention. Dehydration is something that is always ignored and it is what causes the illness to get prolonged. As a child is constantly losing fluids through diarrhea and vomiting, they should continuously keep consuming hydrating fluids. The doctor should be consulted if the vomiting lasts for about 12 hours or more. Bowel movements which is black or maroon in color, bloody stool or vomit and fever goes above 101 °F.

If the child already has some medical condition specially related to the kidney. They should meet a doctor immediately to avoid any backlash of food poisoning in kids. Mothers who are expecting should also be extremely cautious. Bacteria cause harm to the unborn child and not the mother herself which goes unnoticed on many occasions.

Food Poisoning Categories ( Get Know and Cure it )

Food poisoning which is also known as foodborne illness happens when we consume contaminated, toxic or spoiled food and beverages. The basic symptoms which patients experience are vomiting, diarrhea and nausea but vary depending on the food poisoning categories.

Even though the name itself makes it seem like a very serious illness, not all food poisoning cases are extreme and happen very frequently and are not severe at all. According to the statistics provided by Centers for Disease Control, one in every six American will be infected by food poisoning every day.

From the time the vegetables are grown to the time it is consumed, it can get infected at any point. The bacteria can also infect the food from the time it was growing due to dirty water being used for the produce or contaminated water being given to the animals. The area of food preparation must also be clean as a bacterium is often spread because of the utensils involved in the cooling process.

Food Poisoning Categories

Different bacteria cause different food poisoning categories:

Campylobacter: This is commonly known as the barbecue bug as it is usually transmitted through undercooked poultry, shellfish and burgers.

Salmonella: This is usually passed through raw eggs, meat and poultry. Patients feel the basic symptoms which are fever, vomiting and stomach pains. The symptoms usually last for a day up to 4 days.

E coli: Transmitted through unpasteurized milk, apple juice, raw or undercooked meats and raw vegetables. Basic symptoms include diarrhea and stomach pains. Symptoms last for 12 hours to 3 days depending on the severity.

Listeria: Transmitted through cheeses, poultry, meat and salads. The symptoms can vary from the typical flu ones to meningitis. This is very dangerous for mothers who are expecting as it can lead to a miscarriage. The symptoms last for 3-70 days however it solely depends on the severity.

Viral food poisoning this originates because of uncooked food or when they are not kept in proper hygienic conditions. The basic symptoms are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and it lasts for approximately 12-48 hours.

Food Poisoning Categories – Causes

To determine the severity of the food poisoning it is essential to know what causes the food poisoning. They are traced back to these three causes:

Bacteria: being one of the most common causes of food poisoning we at times associate them with dangerous bacteria like E.coli, salmonella and listeria. According to the CDC, salmonella is the biggest reason for food poisoning and approximately 1,000,000 cases are reported out of which 20,000 need to be hospitalized.

Parasites: being the second most common reason of food poisoning, although not as common as bacteria but can be very dangerous. One of the most notable parasites that cause food poisoning is Toxoplasma, which is found in cat litter boxes. Parasites tend to live in the digestive track and can go undetected at times.

Viruses: apart from the two reasons, food poisoning can also be caused by a virus. A very common virus called Norovirus affects over 19 million people each year and can at times be fatal.

Food Poisoning Medicine All you Must Know About

Known as food is borne illness Food poisoning refers to the infection Caused by consuming contaminated beverages and food. The most common contamination takes place during the handling, storage and improper cooking of food. The common types of bacteria are salmonella, campylobacter and E. coli and apart from that there are viruses, toxins and parasites. The basic symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pains. Doctors can at times prescribe food poisoning medicine to deal with the symptoms.

Mild food poisoning is not dangerous at all and can be cured on its own. We need to be sure to maintain the hygiene levels to avoid the food poisoning to reoccur. As the symptoms start to appear within the first 12 hours we must trace back the root cause of the food poisoning and try not to repeat it.

Food Poisoning Medicine – Treatment

The main objective is to ensure we consume enough liquids to that our body does not become dehydrated. Patients should opt for Oral Rehydration Solutions which help improve the minerals in the body. This is achieved by consuming clear liquids and drinks rich in sodium and glucose. It has been reported that with the use of ORS the mortality rate due to cholera which was 50% drops to 1%. It has been advised to consume for other diarrheal diseases where the body is losing fluids. The ORS itself is high in glucose, sodium and water across the gut epithelium which does not impact cholera. Hence World Health Organization recommend a solution 3.5g of sodium chloride, 2.5g of sodium bicarbonate, 1.5g of potassium chloride and 20g glucose in a liter of water.

Food Poisoning Medicine : Absorbents

Absorbents can control the timing of defecation. Which does not mean there will be a loss of fluids or increase the duration of the illness.

A gap or around 1-2 hours should be maintained between the intake of medicines and absorbents.  Antisecretory agents can also be useful and a dose every 30 minutes of 30mL proves to be extremely beneficial. But should not exceed 8-10 doses. Antiperistaltics should be avoided with patients who have fever, bloody diarrhea, and systemic toxicity.  As a results show no improvements and rather deteriorates. Diphenoxylate is available in tablet and liquid form. The dosage for adults is recommended to be 2 tablets approximately 4 times a day which is 20mG per day.

Loperamide is another absorbent which is used as is considered an over the counter food poisoning medicine.  It is available in liquid and capsule. This medicine helps improve the intestinal absorption of certain electrolytes and water and decreases secretion and intestinal motility. The dose can range from 4mG which is recommended initially and can be reduced to 2 mG after frequent diarrhea stool; however it should not exceed 16 mG within 24 hours. This food poisoning medicine can be recommended by the doctor for treat the diarrhea or food poisoning related symptoms however if after 3 days of using the medicines there is no change, patient should consult the doctor again.

Food Poisoning Supplements Can Work Miracles

Whenever we eat out and by the next few hours we feel our stomach is whoozy.  It means we have food poisoning. It is when we consume contaminated food and beverages. The toxins enter our body we try to get rid of it by vomiting and diarrhea for certain cases we go for food poisoning supplements .

The symptoms start to appear within 3-6 hours after consumption and range from mild food poisoning. Which can be treated at home to severe food poisoning which can be fatal or even result in paralysis. Which could  be cured with the help of food poisoning supplements .


Staphylococcus aureus is one of the most common type of bacteria associated with food poisoning. Even though the bacterium dies when it is heated over a certain temperature. This is 150 degree Fahrenheit but is found in food items that are handmade. Left at room temperature for a long duration.

Botulism is also caused by a bacteria. However botulism poisoning is very rare and happens only 1 in every 400 reported food poisoning cases. As it is a very extreme form and does result in death. People who have a weak immune system should be extremely careful. Like the elderly, mothers who are expecting and infants.

Food Poisoning Supplements – Home Remedies

For those who do not wish to opt for chemicals and over the counter medicines to treat the food poisoning. They can opt for these basic home remedies which soothe the pain and reduces the recovery time.

Food Poisoning Supplements Ginger:

Ginger has proven to be the ultimate solution for nausea and vomiting which is the basic symptom of food poisoning. As ginger has a very strong taste. It is recommended to be gargled with or just kept in the mouth for a while for the tissues to absorb it and it enters the blood stream. For those who do not wish this they can also purchase ginger pills which is available from any pharmacy.

Food Poisoning Supplements Activated charcoal:

Having extremely unusual properties, activated charcoal can be used to fight off food poisoning symptoms. It has been used all over the world as a filtering agent due to its organic properties by being created with burnt coconut shells.

Food Poisoning Supplements Colloidal silver:

bacteria being one of the causes for food poisoning, if it is the source then it can be killed with colloidal silver, many people store and can their food by using colloidal silver as a natural preservative.


with the advancements in medicine, cannabis is being used for many medical uses and is proven to be extremely beneficial. It helps suppress nausea and provides comfort in swallowing food.  On many occasions it has proven to be more beneficial than pharmaceutical medicines. However, its side effects are safer than that of aspirin which is an over the counter medicine as it helps improve the lungs capacity and makes the lungs and heart stronger.

Patients should seek for medical assistance and opt for proper food poisoning supplements if the symptoms start becoming worse.