Food Poisoning From Shrimp (Symptoms, Causes And Treatment With Home Remedy )

We know Shrimp is very famous and flavorful dish, but eating contaminated shrimp causes one the most common disease called Food Poisoning From Shrimp. It is due to Infectious organisms that are carried out by shellfish. Shrimp are usually infected with virus, bacteria and  parasites. Bacteria known as V. Cholerae is found in shrimp which causes food poisoning. In case of Food Poisoning From Shrimp your digestive system are inflame for 1 to 10 days depending your digestive system health and toxins .

Including diarrhea and vomiting other symptoms of Food Poisoning From Shrimp are discussed below.

Food Poisoning From Shrimp Symptoms

After eating contaminated foods Symptoms of shrimp food poisoning is staring appear after 30 min to several days. Food poisoning from shrimp is different from person to person depending how much your insensitive for toxins. But it includes

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Difficulty In Swallowing Or Talking
  • Slow Reflexes Or Rectal Burning
  • Stomach Pain
  • Cramping
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Low-Grade Fever
  • Tremor Or A Numb Sensation In The Lips, Legs, Tongue Or Arms.
  • Blood In The Stool
  • Problems With Your Sight (Blurred Vision Or Double Vision)

Initial symptoms appear with in few hours after eating contaminated shrimps. You will be agree with us that instead of understanding symptoms of Food poisoning from shrimp try to know about the causes in order to avoid it before it hit you .

Food Poisoning from Shrimp Causes

Studies shows it there are more then 75 million people (most of them are from US) are suffer from food poisoning disease and eating contaminated shellfish is one of the main reason behind this disease.  Shrimp is a type of shellfish and one of the common reason of food poisoning  are used in many recipes in order to avoid food poisoning from shrimp it is important to know about the signs spoiled shrimp which make your aware how to prepare healthy foods.

Some common type of the causes and tips which can help you to avoid food poisoning from shellfish are

  • While travelling abroad specially to developed countries as there are many type of species of shellfish are offer as a dish which include toxins and proteins can lead you to food poisoning.
  • Try to smell the shrimp before purchasing , but it is difficult to smell it with in packages, try to buy it from over the counter market . Slightly salty (like sea water )smell is sign of fresh shrimp, be careful with smell like ammonia because it is the sign of bacteria growth in shrimp which may lead you to food poisoning.
  • Another sign of fresh shrimp is they are still attached to their clean and clear shell, if there are black spot on the shell or if shrimp are loose in the shell, shrimp should be considered as spoiled.
  • Raw shrimp should be slightly transparent and white, if its cooked they should be pink.
  • If the shells appears gritty or yellow , this is the sign of chemicals are used to keep shrimp fresh. Avoid to purchase these shrimp.
  • Another sign of fresh shrimp is their eyes should be shiny and prominent, if they are look like dried and shrunken it will be better to ignore those shrimp.
  • The expiry date is important dont eat of cook any shrimp after date is passed.
  • Dont used tinned or pack shrimp that have no expiry date.
  • Dont keep shrimp near to other cooked or raw foods.
  • Shrimp should not be kept open in room temperature for long time.
  • Try to follow food poisoning handling roles in case of shrimp too.

Risks Of Food Poisoning From Shrimp

Typically food poisoning is recover by it self. However Medical science make groups of individuals who are at great risk from food poisoning. Which are

  • Elder age people who have weaker immune system.
  • Infants whos immune system are underdevelopment can infected by food poisoning which can lead them to hard conditions.
  • Pregnant women whos bodies are try to make an another human body can have great risk for food poisoning
  • Medical conditions like kidney diseases , cancer etc patients have great risk to get food poisoning.

Hence If you are in any of these group try to consult with your doctor as soon as possible . They  suggest you better treatment for food poisoning.

Food Poisoning From Shrimp Treatment

Before going in details about the remedies or treatment (may work or not) people using  we want to suggest you a  magic remedy which start work with in 25 min. It is advisable for not only food poisoning from shrimp but you can you use it for other types of food poisoning too.

Squeeze about 4 lemons and add some sugar to sweeten the lemon juice (remember do not add water or any other thing) it will show effect withing 25 mins as lemon juice kill all bacteria you consume.

In addition of home remedy Other ways of treatment for food poisoning  are.

  • Used Of Fluids To Prevent Dehydration
  • Eat A Bland Diet
  • A Traditional Remedy Apple Cider Vinegar (2 Tsp/ Cup Warm Water Several Times A Day)

In conclusion This is all about food poisoning from shrimp, if you want to know more about different type  food poisoning our blogs other materials can help .  Be healthy and be happy.

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