Privacy Policy

Our company has very strict privacy policy because total satisfaction of our users is our first priority. We are committed to providing essential security and privacy to all the personal information of our users that we got from the time of inception of this company to this date. We have never shared or sold personal information of our users to any third party and will never do it in future too.

We have a very secure database that is protected by several security checks and passwords. Only authorized personnel are allowed to operate on that database and all their activities are monitored too. We have installed very sophisticated and modern system to protect the sensitive information of our users and we have trained people to handle that system.

We use cookies to collect data and identify visitors of this website. All the information collected through cookies can be used for marketing purposes but the data collected through a proper sign up channel will not be shared with any third party without proper consent. You can remove cookies from your system if you don’t want us to identify you but these cookies are best way to prevent fraudulent therefore it is recommended to not remove them.

We have certain agreements with third parties for the promotion of different products and services. We are not responsible for the data collected by our third parties through our website or any other channel. We are ready to take all necessary steps to provide you a secure web experience and our team is working hard for this. You have nothing to worry about so keep visiting our website and enjoy reliable information with secure browsing.

In case of any query, you can send us an e-mail and we will try our best to respond as quickly as possible.