Stomach Flu In Toddlers, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

Stomach flu is most common disease in US after upper respiratory infections. Normally Stomach flu in toddlers can occur twice in a year . Viruses like rota-virus,calicivirus,astrovirus and adenovirus are consider the main causes behind stomach flu, rotavirus are more common in winter and adenovirus and others are prefer spring and summer.

 In addition of bacterial infection which could be more serious caused by bacteria like E-coli, shigella, Salmonela and campylobater. But in most cases stomach flu in toddlers is not serious condition it is recover by its own after few days. But you should be aware of alarming conditions which could be more dangerous then you expectations.

By knowing symptoms you can figure out when to call ta a doctor to treat this condition.

Symptoms Of Stomach Flu In Toddlers

Stomach flu in toddlers symptoms have different ways to come, some time kids suffering from diarrhea or vomiting , while some time they are facing stomachache. In addition some time they are infected by both conditions. In simple word more symptoms your baby have more will be risky her condition.

Food poisoning in toddlers have same symptoms as stomach flu in toddlers but the only difference is food poisoning come quickly after eating some foods and it is also have quick recovery. On the other hand stomach flu take 3 or 4 days to recover.

The most worst condition which never should be ignore is appendicitis, which sings are vomiting and bad stomachache. Below are some sings by which can differentiate with other condition.

  • Having pain in belly button moving to right side
  • Kids dont want to eat
  • Comes with fever
  • The level of pain is so worst that they dont able to jump , walk or move

When you realize that it is not diarrhea or vomiting and baby is really facing pain it is time to call to doctor.

Signs Of Stomach Flu In Babies

  • The sign of dehydration is when your baby is start crying and they dont make tears.
  • When the inside of their mouth is not moist .
  • When your baby having diarrhea at night and feels good at day. that should be your warning call.
  • Decrease in uninations
  • Fussiness or more sleep
  • wrinkled skin
  • extreme thirst
  • sunken eyes
  • discolored hands and feet
  • dry lips
  • Fever over 102 F
  • Blood or pus in stool

Take your child to emergency room if the doctors are not available.

How To Treat Stomach Flu In Toddlers

As soon as you suspect that your baby has stomach flu, or vomiting more then 2 days or blood in her stools call to your doctor specially when your baby is under 6 month.

Your doctor will suggest oral re hydration solution(Ricelyte or pedyalyte) if your baby dont want these solution try to give small amount of breast milk frequently.

Some people accept that herbal teas will be good . But actually that should not be the only one source of hydration. 1st consult to doctor and you should follow their suggestions. The other minerals like vitamin D and probiotics are helpful to prevent the stomach flu.

Remember when your baby are suffering from stomach flu it could lead you for to give over the counter medicines. That could be worst not every time these type of practices could help you.

Except when your child has fever you can go for ibuprofen or acetaminophen to bring it down. It will be the doctor if your baby has bacterial infection he can suggest you antibiotics.

Stay away from high sugar foods and juices while trying to hydride your babies it could make worst the condition more .

In case of no vomiting and mild diarrhea breastfeeding is  good practice in order to feed your baby.

Calling your doctor when you suspect the signs(given below)is consider a good practice in order to how to treat stomach flu in toddlers.

Stomach Flu In Toddlers How Long Does It Last

Stomach flu in toddlers are passes in around 10 days with out any medicines. Initial days are worst but you can make it easy for you baby while following doctor suggestions and other guidelines.


How To Prevent Stomach Flu In Babies

  • In order to prevent stomach flu in babies try to wash you hands after every bathroom visit or diaper change.
  • Try to wash your baby hand throughout the day
  • Remember the precautions during preparing foods
  • Do notravirus vaccines in order to prevent your child from notravirus
  • Stomach flu is contagious try to stop spreading it
  • If you cant stop your baby from putting every in their mouth they find. Try to keep your environment clean.

In order to prevent stomach flu in babies all these practices dont guarantee you of 100 percent avoiding this condition but we can minimize the chances to have it .

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