Food Poisoning in Different Parts of The World (1st World Countries and 3rd World Countries)

One of the major and more common illnesses among countless people all around the globe is food poisoning. Food Poisoning in Different Parts of The World occurs due to various reason and the patient suffers extremely sometimes it’s dangerous that it could be the cause of the person’s death.

Food Poisoning in Different Parts of The World (USA,UK,Canada and Australia)

Mainly it occurs due to the food eaten or water drunk from a public place, where the eatables are not taken care of properly or being used by the dirty hands or the water that’s being drained or fill up from dirty or contaminated places. Food Poisoning in Different Parts of The World like UK, Australia, Canada, USA and rest of Europe is this is taken as a high risk issue and there are proper responsible teams that takes care of this matter and they are seriously answerable as there is no bigger wealth then health and they strictly believe that.

Food Poisoning in Different Parts of The World (Asian)

 Asian counties most specifically India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and rest like them there is no attention towards this serious matter and they possess the highest number of slum areas where the water is highly contaminated and the nutrients are totally dirty and polluted these people often suffer diarrhea food poison tuberculosis and many such diseases and its extremely awful that there is still no special attention paid by the government that doesn’t mean at all that the foreign countries have never faced this problem that’s a worldwide problem and people from all over the world face it.

Food Poisoning Symptoms

What a victim might feel initially is nausea, continuous or periodic vomits, swear headache pain in abdomen and continuous restlessness, when contaminated food or water enters in the stomach it contains certain toxic bacteria or viruses along them which hurts the stomach in bad manner and person feels discomfort and pain, and it takes a bit of time for the antibiotics to heal the stomach and sometimes your physician may recommend you complete liquid diet in order to relax your abdomen which is suffering swirly.

There is no shame being hygienic as most of the people always blame you that you are so choosy. There is no more blessing then a health and it’s your own responsibility to take care of yourself else you will be the only one who will bear the consequences.


Certain small but count full precautions can keep you safe and healthy:

  • Always wash your hands before you take your meal. Because you dont know where you might have used your hand and it could be contagious.
  • If possible always wash your eatables before you use them with clean water to avoid germs.
  • Store your meal in a clean place and make sure the place is free of crawlies like small insects. That can penetrate in your food and can make it contaminated.
  • Try to use mineral water or pure boil water in drinking.
  • Always check the expiry date of any drinkables you buy from the market. These items are synthetically treated and may contain certain elements that could become harmful after the due date.

“I am not afraid of heights, I am not afraid of accidents. I can bear the most difficult times in my life the only thing I cannot bear is food poisoning”.
Its a short review about Food Poisoning in Different Parts of The World. You can get more knowledge by reading our other articles regarding Food Poisoning.